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Gemini Redesign

Two years ago, Basehor-Linwood Elementary and Basehor Intermediate, along with BLHS, were selected to be a part of the state redesign initiative.  We have spent the past two years developing a plan for redesign that fits the needs of our students, families and staff.  Staff members, along with staff from BIS, divided    into four committees to plan the redesign.  We looked at data from a variety of sources, gained feedback and began to pilot programs. The four areas of redesign fall under the categories of Individualized Learning, Student Success Skills, Real World Applications and Community Engagement. We developed a Mission Statement to highlight our redesign efforts. Learn. Love. Lead. #TheBluejayWay
Ask your child to show you the actions! For each word of the mission statement we have focused on a specific redesign category.

Learn stands for Individualized Learning. Each student has a data portfolio to track growth in reading and math and for goal setting. Students may also be asked to take part in our SAM Lab. This is our Sensory Aerobic Motor Planning lab held before school four days a week. Other sessions run during the school day. Stations are set up in the gym to promote aerobic exercise, sensory integration and cross-lateral movement. Daily use of these activities help build core strength and promote increased connections between neurons in the brain that communicate with the prefrontal cortex to integrate sensory input more efficiently.

Love stands for Student Success Skills which focuses on the social emotional well being of students. All grade levels, PreK-5, start the day with a “School Family” meeting. Students participate in making connections with others, using breathing strategies to reduce stress, uniting through a group pledge or song and making a commitment for the day. 

Lead” stands for Real World Application & Community Engagement. Each grade level will participate in both a local and global (outside of the Basehor community) project each year. Our goal is to team with community members to show how learning in school relates to the outside world and to show that each student can make a difference in their community and their world.